By admin / January 6, 2022

Omicron Look out for new signs

We would like to advise you that the Omicron variety of Covid is spreading far and wide. These are the...

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By admin / December 2, 2021

The 5 Characteristics of All Successful Leaders:

Five Qualities of Effective Leaders Successful leaders exhibit the five leadership qualities listed below in their personal and professional lives,...

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By admin / November 26, 2021

Why Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration

Administrative assistants are critical components of many businesses' day-to-day operations. They organise files, prepare documents, schedule appointments, and provide assistance...

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By admin / January 22, 2020

Things to avoid while learning English

Learning a language is often said to be easy for children and to become challenging and complex with age. The most important factor in learning a language is to avoid things that will sabotage your learning process and progress. Here are a few things that you must avoid while learning English.

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By admin / December 16, 2019

5 Tips to Keep Merry in Christmas

Stress levels increase during holiday season. Remember this time of year should be

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By admin / December 6, 2019

11 tips to success at Job Fairs.

What research you should do before attending job fair? How to make a better impression with employers? Here are 11 tips to success at Job Fairs.

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By admin / November 27, 2019

Achieving career growth and success

Hope you enjoyed reading our previous blogs on how to write an effective CV and a cover letter. This week, we will look at some easy ways to help achieve success in your career.

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By admin / November 20, 2019

Art of Communication

Communication is an art. To master this art, you must be aware of the tools and use them effectively. These tools fall into verbal and nonverbal communication. Here are the different ways you can use each tool

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By admin / November 14, 2019

Improve Yourself

“To be excellent, we must act excellently” – Aristotle.

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By admin / November 12, 2019

Five Tips to Write an Effective Cover Letter

Do you want to stay ahead of the job-seeking competition by writing a cover letter that expresses

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