Achieving career growth and success

Achieving career growth and success

Hope you enjoyed reading our previous blogs on how to write an effective CV and a cover letter. This week, we will look at some easy ways to help achieve success in your career.

Success is defined in different ways and can come in many forms – work, personal life, sports or hobbies. Some measure success by how much money they make or how many cars or houses they own or how much financially independent they are. A very few measure success by how happy they are.

Are you facing career setbacks? How to achieve career success?

1. Break your comfort zone: The more you try to progress in your career, the more
challenges you face. Such opportunities will help you identify your hidden talents
that you may not have been aware of, so nurture them and re-define your goals and
stay focused in achieving them.

2. Deal with setbacks: It matters how we deal with setbacks, rather what happens
along the way. Identify the facts of the situation or the reasons for setback and
clarify any misunderstandings or miscommunication from your end. Learning from
mistakes and experiences will mould you into a better person.

3. Focus on your goals: Remain calm and be positive. If you stay focused on what you
want to achieve, you will fight through with more strength and emerge successful.

4. Gain support from others: Feel free to share your thoughts and problem with family
or friends. This could help you see things from a different angle and move forward
with confidence.

5. Slow down: Reassess your skills and goals, slow down and refocus on your goals.
This might help you plan better in the future.

6. Do things differently: Stay focused on the results and do things differently to grab
other’s attention.

7. Develop new skills: Keep learning. The moment you stop learning, someone else will
overtake you.

8. Accept new challenges: Try working in different areas of the organisation and your
ability to fulfil multiple roles will make you a valued employee.

9. Give up unproductive habits: Analyse your unproductive habits or idle time, discuss
with managers or employers and based on what they expect from you, develop new
skills and increase your productivity.

10. Self Reflection: After having worked for an organisation for a while, analyse if you
are progressing up the career. Self reflection will help you look for other options and
redefine your goals.

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