BSc (Hons) Business

3 years


£9250 per annum

Course fees

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Our BSc (Hons) Business degree in partnership with Plymouth Marjon University is designed to prepare students for the reality of the business world. You will learn about how SME businesses operate, what makes them successful and how you can effectively work for one or run your own. Your placement opportunities in the second and third year will all be with SME businesses allowing you to gain hands on practical experience and enhance your employability.

The study of Business encompasses a broad spectrum of fields and explores the merits and demerits of various approaches, as well as the challenges that businesses encounter while striving to meet the objectives of their stakeholders, including shareholders, consumers, government, and society at large.

The BSc (Hons) Business program in London and Northampton comprehensively examines every facet of business, including management strategies, business structures, marketing, supply chain and operations management, and finance. It employs case studies and real-world examples derived from diverse business entities, ranging from startups to multinational corporations, to gain insights into the diverse methodologies of running and managing businesses.

The curriculum encompasses a wide array of courses, encompassing marketing, management, operations, finance, supply chain management, innovation, fintech, statistics, global responsibility, and sustainability.

This bachelor’s degree in business management program blends a rigorous business-focused core curriculum with a personalized elective pathway. Students have the option to delve deeper into business-specific subjects through their elective courses or to further contextualize and broaden their studies by selecting courses that align with their other interests and aspirations.

Business students not only cultivate technical proficiencies but also hone their critical thinking and analytical abilities. They have the opportunity to specialize in areas such as innovation, marketing, microeconomics, international business, and global responsibility, rendering them highly marketable with a diverse range of career prospects. These invaluable and transferrable skills unlock a multitude of career avenues upon graduation.


  • Candidates who want to develop a range of business skills as they prepare to step into a management career with established organisations.
  • Candidates who wish to progress onto postgraduate courses.
  • Candidates who wish to establish their own company.
  • Eligibility
    • 18+
    • This programme is in partnership with Plymouth Marjon university (PMU).
      Students are expected to fulfill all the admission requirements prescribed by PMU, and admissions are subject to final approval by PMU. Students are expected to adhere to the relevant rules and regulations of PMU, in addition to the rules of Results Consortium Ltd.
  • Entry Requirements
    • UCAS Tariff Points – 96
    • A Level – CCC
    • BTEC – MMM (from an Extended Diploma or combined BTEC qualification)
    • Access to HE Diploma – 96 tariff points, with a minimum of 6 credits at Distinction
    • T Level – Grade P (C+ in core component).
  • English Language requirements
    • GCSE English at Grade 4/C or above
    • Functional Skills Level 2 in English/Adult Literacy
    • IELTS Academic with a minimum of 6.0 in each category
  • Math proficiency
    • GCSE Math at Grade 4/C or above
    • Functional Skills Level 2 in Math/Adult Numeracy
  • Application Process

    1. Enquires followed by initial applicant assessment
    2. Documents to Submit:
    i. Valid ID proof
    ii. 2 passport sized photographs
    iii. All educational documents
    iv. Updated CV
    v. Personal statement
    vi. Address proof
    vii. UK Residency status

    3. English Assessment
    4. Application for UCAS or Direct to Plymouth Marjon University (PMU) Link
    5. PMU issue formal offer letter, outlining conditions of offer & Upload offer to UCAS if applicable
    6. PMU will verify qualifications and make offers Unconditional where appropriate
    7. Unconditional offer sent to students by PMU
    8. Students enrol at PMU and start the course

  • Course Fees
  • Is Government funding available for this qualification?
    • UK/EU students are eligible to apply for funding via the Student Loans Company.
  • Units and Credits

    Level 4 Module TitleCredits

    Business Environment 20

    Academic Personal and Professional Development 20


    Introduction to Accounting and Finance20

    Introduction to People Management20

    Enterprise Creation20

    Level 5 Module TitleCredits

    Intrapreneurship and Innovation 20

    Advertising and Promotion 20

    Accounting and Finance for Business 20

    People Management for Business 20

    Enterprise Development 20

    Research Methods 20

    Level 6 Module TitleCredits

    Leadership and Management 20

    Business Reality 20

    Contemporary Business Issues 20

    Reflective Business Portfolio 20

    Honours Project 40

  • Progression Routes
    • Students will be able to progress onto a broad range of postgraduate programmes in Business, including MBA Business Administration, MSc in Business Management, Coaching and Mentoring PGCert and teacher training (PGCE).


What is the scope of BSc Hons business?

The BSc (Hons) Business examines all aspects of business such as business management approaches, business structures, marketing, supply chains and operations management, and finance.

What is BSc Hons in business?

The BSc Hons Business Management course aims to equip students with a strong foundation in contemporary business management principles, allowing them to cultivate versatile and adaptable skills that can effectively navigate the evolving business landscape.

Why choose BSc Hons business studies?

A bachelor’s degree in Business Management, such as the BSc Hons Business Management, remains a highly sought-after option for individuals aspiring to become entrepreneurs and business leaders. This degree offers a comprehensive academic foundation and equips students with the necessary skills to explore diverse global career prospects. Additionally, it fosters a holistic comprehension of various aspects of business, including finance and human resources, enabling individuals to develop a well-rounded expertise in these specific areas.

Is a BSc Hons degree good?

A Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, specifically the BSc (Hons) program, is recognized as a higher academic standard compared to a regular BSc degree. The BSc (Hons) program in Business Management holds more significance in terms of academic achievement and is widely regarded as a superior option within the field of business administration.

What is the scope of business studies in London and Northampton?

The field of business studies offers significant opportunities in both London and Northampton. A typical business studies program typically encompasses a diverse array of subjects, including accounting, finance, management, and, notably, entrepreneurship. This comprehensive curriculum mirrors the multifaceted character of the business world and underscores the significance of comprehending all the essential components essential for achieving success in the business arena.

Can you do a BSc in business in London and Northampton?

The BSc Business degree offered in London and Northampton takes on a global perspective, ensuring that you acquire insights into the worldwide business landscape. When coupled with the chance to pursue international study experiences or engage in a year of industry work, you will be excellently positioned for career opportunities with both local and multinational corporations.

What can you do with a BSc business in London and Northampton?

For individuals pursuing a forward-looking business degree in London and Northampton, here are ten top career paths and corresponding degree programs to equip you for these opportunities:

  1. Global Business Strategy Analyst.
  2. Managers in Renewable Energy Technology.
  3. Information Systems Management.
  4. Financial Compliance Examiner.
  5. Healthcare Industry Analyst.
  6. Director of Crisis Response and Management.



Full Time


3 years


£9250 per annum




Plymouth Marjon University




Northampton Campus
First Floor, Aquila House,
14 St Giles Terrace,
Northampton NN1 2BN

Dagenham Campus
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Yewtree Avenue,
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