BSc (Hons) Business - Topup

1 year


£9250 per annum

Course fees

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Our BSc (Hons) Business Topup in partnership with Plymouth Marjon University is designed to prepare students for the reality of the business world. You will learn about how SME businesses operate, what makes them successful and how you can effectively work for one or run your own.

If you’ve completed two years of a business management university program or possess an equivalent qualification like a Higher National Diploma (HND), you can pursue this top-up course to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

This specialized Business management course by Results Consortium London & Northampton has been tailored to facilitate the advancement of your foundation degree, Higher National Diploma (HND), or a similar qualification in the field of business. Over the course of one year, you will acquire skills that will equip you for a career in international business management.

Your primary areas of concentration will encompass organization, strategy, international business, and management. Depending on your inclination, you can choose to specialize in project management, international finance and trade, or even acquire proficiency in a new language – a highly valuable asset when operating as a manager within a multinational corporation.


  • Candidates who want to develop a range of business skills as they prepare to step into a management career with established organisations.
  • Candidates who wish to progress onto postgraduate courses.
  • Candidates who wish to establish their own company.
  • Eligibility
    • 18+
    • This programme is in partnership with Plymouth Marjon university (PMU).
      Students are expected to fulfill all the admission requirements prescribed by PMU, and admissions are subject to final approval by PMU. Students are expected to adhere to the relevant rules and regulations of PMU, in addition to the rules of Results Consortium Ltd.
  • Entry Requirements
    • A relevant Foundation degree/HND or equivalent of 240 credits from HE study.
  • English Language requirements
    • GCSE English at Grade 4/C or above
    • Functional Skills Level 2 in English/Adult Literacy
    • IELTS Academic with a minimum of 6.0 in each category
  • Math proficiency
    • GCSE Math at Grade 4/C or above
    • Functional Skills Level 2 in Math/Adult Numeracy
  • Application Process

    1. Enquires followed by initial applicant assessment
    2. Documents to Submit:
    i. Valid ID proof
    ii. 2 passport sized photographs
    iii. All educational documents
    iv. Updated CV
    v. Personal statement
    vi. Address proof
    vii. UK Residency status
    3. English Assessment
    4. Application for UCAS or Direct to Plymouth Marjon University (PMU) Link
    5. PMU issue formal offer letter, outlining conditions of offer & Upload offer to
    UCAS if applicable
    6. PMU will verify qualifications and make offers Unconditional where appropriate
    7. Unconditional offer sent to students by PMU
    8. Students enrol at PMU and start the course

  • Course Fees
  • Is Government funding available for this qualification?
    • UK/EU students are eligible to apply for funding via the Student Loans Company.
  • Units and Credits

    Level 6 Module TitleCredits

    Leadership and Management 20

    Business Reality 20

    Contemporary Business Issues 20

    Reflective Business Portfolio 20

    Honours Project 40

  • Progression Routes
    • Students will be able to progress onto a broad range of postgraduate programmes in Business, including MBA Business Administration, MSc in Business Management, Coaching and Mentoring PGCert and teacher training (PGCE).


What is a top up degree for BSc Hons?

A business management top-up degree is the ultimate year (Level 6) of an undergraduate degree program, offering the opportunity to augment your existing qualifications and obtain a full BA, BSc, or BEng degree in business management. Opting for a business management top-up degree is particularly advantageous if you have an interest in completing your final year of studies in London.

Are business management top up degrees worth it?

A business management top-up degree presents a fantastic choice for individuals seeking to expand their current subject knowledge, skills, and overall comprehension while simultaneously boosting their employability prospects or pursuing postgraduate studies. It serves as an excellent means to enhance one’s existing expertise in business management.

Who is eligible for a top up degree?

Top-up degrees cater to individuals who have successfully achieved a Higher National Diploma (HND) or Foundation Degree and aspire to advance their studies by transitioning to the final year of an honors degree program. This option allows them to further their education and gain entry into an undergraduate program’s concluding year.

What is the difference between a top up degree and a normal degree?

The primary distinction between a top-up degree and an undergraduate degree lies in the duration of completion. While an undergraduate degree typically requires a minimum of three years, a top-up degree can be accomplished within a single year. However, it is important to note that eligibility for enrolling in a top-up degree necessitates the prior completion of a Higher National Diploma or a foundation degree.

Why London and Northampton good for business students?

London serves as the global hub for numerous major brands, providing an environment where established enterprises flourish and new businesses are frequently established. Approximately 200,000 startups emerge within the city each year, offering boundless prospects for networking with industry leaders and potential investors in close proximity.

Northampton is an excellent choice for business students due to its thriving academic community, vibrant business environment, and strategic location. The city is home to reputable universities and colleges that offer a wide range of business-related programs, ensuring students receive a high-quality education. Additionally, Northampton’s proximity to major business hubs like London and Birmingham provides students with valuable networking opportunities and access to potential internships and job placements. The city’s affordable cost of living and diverse cultural scene further enhance the overall student experience, making it an attractive destination for those pursuing a career in business.

What are the benefits of studying business in the UK?

Benefits of Choosing a Business Degree in the UK

  1. Access to the Global Marketplace
  2. Varied Career Opportunities
  3. A Blend of Theoretical and Hands-On Learning
  4. Opportunities for Dual Honors Programs
  5. Expedited Course Durations
  6. High Academic Standards
  7. Exposure to Various Disciplines
  8. Enhancement of Project Management Abilities
  9. Pathway to Entrepreneurship





Full Time


1 year


£9250 per annum




Plymouth Marjon University




Northampton Campus
First Floor, Aquila House,
14 St Giles Terrace,
Northampton NN1 2BN

Dagenham Campus
London East – UK Business Technology Park,
Yewtree Avenue,
Dagenham, RM10 7FN,
London East, UK.