Art of Communication

Art of Communication

Communication is an art. To master this art, you must be aware of the tools and use them effectively. These tools fall into verbal and nonverbal communication. Here are the different ways you can use each tool to improve your communication skills.

Verbal Communication

Do you like listening to people who speak in one tone and speed with poor vocabulary and with no emption? Certainly not!

Words: People judge you with the words you use. Hence, always use optimistic words that convey values.

Vocabulary: Your vocabulary shows how educated you are. Use strong vocabulary while communicating with more educated audience as in business meetings and use basic vocabulary to communicate with people with less or no education. Fluctuating the voice and changing the tone also help win audience.

Empathy – Emotions are powerful tools. They can be effective communicators if you do not get too emotional, whether it is crying or laughing or showing anger. It is important that you portray your true feelings.

Accent: Clarity of speech and pronunciation are power tools of communication. People will stop listening to you if you go on and on without any intonation or modulation.


Non-Verbal Communication
Nonverbal communication supports what you communicate verbally.

Gestures: Actions are powerful than words. In public speaking, your body language adds more clarity to your words.

Eye Contact: When you speak to someone, make them feel you are giving them attention. Keeping eye contact with a person or an audience indicates you are paying attention to them and listening to them.

So be effective communicators – all you need is practice!

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