Things to avoid while learning English

Things to avoid while learning English


Learning a language is often said to be easy for children and to become challenging and complex with age. The most important factor in learning a language is to avoid things that will sabotage your learning process and progress. Here are a few things that you must avoid while learning English.

1. Do not listen to your friends who say learning English is difficult

English is spoken all over the world and it has its own spellings, pronunciation, accents and dialects. By breaking your task of mastering English language and communication skills, you can eventually get there. Do not listen to your friends who try to pull you down.

2. Do not learn English just inside the classroom

Make English a part of your life. The more you read English, the more confidence you will have. Start reading alone, then in front of your friends or family and get their feedback. Listen to English music and watch teleplays. Learn 5 new words a day and read them out louder or write your own sentences. This will help add on to your vocabulary.

3. Do not fear of making mistakes

Do not hesitate to start conversing in English until you master your speaking skills or gain confidence. The sooner you start speaking, the faster you will improve your speaking skills. Be confident and learn from mistakes rather worrying about how people will react.

4. Do not compare yourself with others

English is a language, different from your native language. People learn at their own pace. Appreciate yourself for having started to learn the language and be proud that you are learning and progressing in your own way.

5. Do not be scared of grammar

As you know, each language has its own grammatical rules. It is just a matter of time getting used to them. Focus on the easier bits first and continue to progress on to the harder parts of the language.

6. Do not be impatient and inconsistent

Learning a language, as any other skill, takes its own time to develop inside your brain. Work hard and enjoy the learning process, but be patient and give it time. The best way to do this is to dedicate some time to it every day. It need not have to be a half-day, a few minutes will do, but be consistent.

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