Everything About BA (Hons) Business and Management Course

Everything About BA (Hons) Business and Management Course

Business Management degree programs are among the most prevalent in higher education, having been firmly established as excellent courses for both aspiring entrepreneurs and future business leaders. Enrolling in a BA (Hons) Business and Management course can equip you with valuable skills, providing a competitive edge in the job market. The curriculum focuses on enhancing your abilities in report writing, presentation, critical analysis, evaluation, and self-reflection.

This degree is a gateway to diverse career opportunities across various industries, including finance, human resources, information security, marketing, and beyond. Graduates emerge well-prepared for roles that demand strategic thinking and leadership skills.
Beyond the professional realm, a business management degree fosters skills directly applicable to all facets of life. These encompass planning, influencing, analysis, networking, and organizational proficiency, contributing to personal development and success in diverse situations.

However, you might wonder: why should you consider pursuing a Business Management degree? Here are some of the compelling reasons why we encourage you to explore the offerings available at Results Consortium.

In High Demand

Let’s dive into what everyone is truly interested in – securing employment post-graduation. While no course can guarantee a job, graduates in Business Management can rest assured that as long as businesses exist, there will be a demand for managers. Management roles are omnipresent across all sectors, from local enterprises to global corporations. Armed with the fundamentals, you’ll be well-equipped to pursue these roles, aligning with your future business interests.

Versatile Skills

As mentioned earlier, the skills acquired in a Business Management degree are adaptable to virtually any business domain. The experiences gained during your course are scalable, whether managing a small team in retail or overseeing an entire corporation. If your passion lies in eco-friendly manufacturing or the motor racing industry, your degree remains valuable. Even if your career path shifts, such as entering the legal sector, the skills acquired remain applicable. Results Consortium places significant emphasis on practical business management skills, providing you with the tools to navigate your career path successfully.

Networking Opportunities

University experiences extend beyond academic studies – it’s also about the people you meet. Business management courses, being diverse, attract students from varied backgrounds and experiences. This diversity proves beneficial, as you encounter individuals with different life experiences, fostering a dynamic learning environment. You might meet like-minded individuals who become future business partners or discover new areas of business that resonate with you, influencing your career plans. The university experience becomes a vibrant melting pot of ideas, creating an environment conducive to success in the business world.


Taking it a step further, business management degrees offer opportunities for internships, providing practical experience even before graduation. Internship durations can vary, ranging from a few weeks to an entire year, offering graduates a competitive edge in the job market. Results Consortium’s business management degrees, for instance, provide the option for a year-long placement between the second and final year, enhancing your practical exposure and distinguishing you from other candidates.

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All About Results Consortium’s BA (Hons) Business and Management Course

The Business Management BA (Hons) program, in partnership with Leeds Trinity University, spans four years and aims to equip students with essential academic skills and tools for confident study.

Throughout the program, students will participate in modules designed to enhance their academic abilities and provide them with the necessary tools for assured learning. The curriculum encompasses an introduction to key principles of business operations and management, encompassing topics such as initiating a business and grasping the fundamentals of marketing.
Upon the successful completion of the Foundation Year, students will advance to the first year of the Business Management BA (Hons) degree. The program delves into the intricacies of organizations, offering insights into their structure and operational strategies. Students will explore fundamental concepts in accounting, finance, and marketing, with opportunities to delve into the realm of international business.
Crafted in collaboration with employers, the program ensures a comprehensive education in various facets of modern business management. It addresses organizational challenges prevalent in contemporary business while also addressing legal, ethical, and sustainability issues faced by companies today.

The course content is tailored to mirror the contemporary business environment, providing students with the chance to apply their knowledge to solve real-life business problems through case studies. Emphasis is placed on real-world experience through professional work placements seamlessly integrated into the degree program. This approach not only enhances theoretical understanding but also equips students with practical skills and insights vital for success in the ever-evolving business landscape.


1. The Business Foundation Year aims to foster the development of students’ academic skills and boost their confidence.
2. It seeks to familiarize students with crucial concepts and skills essential for acquiring a solid foundation in business knowledge.
3. The program includes professional work placements, providing students with valuable real-world experience.
4. Successful graduates will be thoroughly prepared to advance into pertinent postgraduate courses.
5. The objective is to empower students with the necessary skills to establish and manage their own company.


Program Modules Overview:

Foundation Year:

1. Academic Skills and Building Confidence
2. Project
3. Introduction to Business Operations and Management
4. Starting a Business and Fundamentals of Marketing

Year 1:
1. Marketing Fundamentals
2. Principles of Accounting and Finance
3. Globalisation and Social Justice
4. People and Organisations

Year 2:
1. Global Business Environment
2. Professional Development and Placement
3. Business Research and Analytics
4. People Management

Year 3:
In the third year, you will engage with two core modules and select two option modules based on your preferences and career goals:
1. Professional Learning and Practice (Core)
2. Strategic Management (Core)
3. Creative Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Option)
4. Contemporary Issues in Sustainability (Option)
5. International Marketing (Option)
6. Project Management (Option)
7. Research Project (Option)
8. Money, Banking, and Finance (Option)

Please note that module details provided are subject to change, and the above represents the latest example of the curriculum available in this course of study.

These are just a few reasons why considering a business management degree could be a wise choice. Interested? Explore the business management courses offered at Results Consortium.

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