Five Tips to Write an Effective Cover Letter

Five Tips to Write an Effective Cover Letter

Do you want to stay ahead of the job-seeking competition by writing a cover letter that expresses
your interest in the position you are applying for. Follow these 5 steps that help you stand out:

1. Do not rewrite a lengthy cover letter

Keep it short. Three paragraphs that fit in a half page or two-thirds of a page are fine.

2. Do not duplicate your resume

Include what is not communicated in your resume – about you, your skills, why you want the job and
what you can contribute to the company. Include a good opening sentence and mention the name(s)
of any internal contacts you know.

3. Do not mention your name or the job role you are applying for

Do not write “My name is Sara and I am applying for the customer service role in your company”.
The managers know this already and you will sound quite unprofessional and inexperienced.

4. Do not repeat your accomplishments

Do not copy and paste the job description or your accomplishments included in your CV. Customize
it by marketing your skills effectively. Explain how your educational qualification and experience will
help you contribute to the company’s growth.

5. Do not forget to proofread

Spell check your letter for any typos or errors and ensure you have checked for proper grammar and
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