Why Results Consortium?

Our Values

As an undergraduate college located in London and Northampton, we recognise the profound impact of education. Our unwavering focus is on placing our students at the heart of our mission.
Studying at Results Consortium extends beyond the pursuit of a degree. We focus on enhancing the future prospects and employment opportunities of every member of our community.

Student Support

Should you require assistance during your academic journey, our team of academic counsellors are readily available to lend their support.

Flexible Learning

When you choose to join with us for our undergraduate programs, you have the freedom to continue working and earning while you pursue your higher education.

Our campuses in London and Northampton are strategically and conveniently located.


  • What are the benefits of studying business in London?

    London serves as the global hub for numerous leading brands, making it a conducive environment for established enterprises to flourish and for new ventures to emerge. Approximately 200,000 startups launch in the city annually, showcasing the city's vibrant entrepreneurial spirit. The possibilities for networking with industry leaders and potential investors are boundless, readily accessible right at your doorstep.

  • Why choose UK for undergraduate study?

    In the UK education system, courses tend to be more concise and intensive compared to many other nations. This translates to a quicker graduation timeline without sacrificing educational excellence. While undergraduate programs can typically be completed in three years, graduate programs or postgraduate studies in the UK often conclude in just one year.

  • What are the benefits of studying business in the UK?

    The benefits of studying business course in the UK includes,

    • Global Market
    •  Diverse range of jobs
    •  A balance of theoretical and practical subjects
    •  Dual honors
    •  Shorter courses
    •  Academic excellence
    •  Multiple disciplines Develop project management skills.
    •  Become a businessman
  • Is Northampton a good place to study undergraduate course?

    Choosing to study undergraduate courses outside of London, such as in Northampton, offers a considerable cost advantage without requiring you to make any compromises in terms of the quality of education or your lifestyle. Additionally, you have the convenience of easy access to larger cities like London and Birmingham, both just a short commute away. Furthermore, there are five international airports within an hour's reach, enhancing your connectivity and travel options.

  • Which undergraduate course is best for business?

    The undergraduate course is best for business:

    • Finance
    • Accounting
    • Business administration/management
    • Logistics/supply chain
    • Management information systems
    • Marketing