Results Consortium Higher Education Student Feedback Policy and Procedure

1.0 Policy

To deliver its strategic policy aims of excellence in: Curriculum Innovation; Learning, Teaching and Assessment; and the Student Experience, Results Consortium (Results) has a policy of planning student feedback through the use of surveys to ensure that academic standards are met and the student experience is of a high quality.

Student engagement and feedback in the improvement of the quality of course delivery and the student experience are part of Results’ planned compliance with the UK Quality Code for Higher Education. In particular when engaging with students, as described in this procedure, compliance with core practice Q5.

The UK Quality Code sets out the following Expectation:

Q5: The provider actively engages students, individually and collectively, in the quality of their educational experience.

2.0 Procedure

2.1 The Director of Studies is responsible for the implementation of this procedure.

2.2 The Director of Studies will plan a regular student survey to gain feedback from students and obtain opinions on the quality of provision and the student experience.

2.3 On a regular basis, including shortly after admission, the Director of Studies will notify students of an online survey. The notification will direct stakeholders to individual survey forms set up on the Results Virtual Learning Environment platform. Where practical, surveys should not be linked to a specific individual and remain anonymous when stored.

2.4 Where another stakeholder wishes to make a comment, the Director of Studies will provide him/her with a survey form or a link to the online survey.

2.5 The Director of Studies will collect and collate survey forms reported to him/her and analyse the data. The Director of Studies will make a report on survey results including improvement opportunities, areas for concern and notable trends and provide this to:

2.5.1 The relevant Programme Committees, see Results HE Programme Committee Meetings Policy and Procedure HEQA2

2.5.2 The relevant Annual Review of Programme meeting, see Results HE Annual Review of Programmes Policy and Procedure HEQA1

2.5.3 The Academic Board, see Results Academic Board Code

2.6 The Director of Studies will hold and maintain records of all survey forms completed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for 10 years after the date of completion, before disposal.