Results Consortium Higher Education Personal Tutor Policy and Procedure

1.0 Policy

To deliver its strategic policy aims of excellence in: Learning, Teaching and Assessment and the Student Experience, Results has a personal tutor system that enables every student to develop their academic, personal and professional potential while feeling a valued and respected member of the Results’ collegiate environment.

The use of Personal Tutors is part of Results’ planned compliance with the UK Quality Code for Higher Education. In particular when establishing a personal tutor system, as described in this procedure, compliance with core practices Q4 and Q9

The UK Quality Code sets out the following Expectations:

Q4: The provider has sufficient and appropriate facilities, learning resources and student support services to deliver a high-quality academic experience.
Q9: The provider supports all students to achieve successful academic and professional outcomes.

2.0 Procedure

2.1 Programme Leaders are responsible for implementation of this procedure.

2.2 The Programme Leader will allocate a Personal Tutor to each student that is successfully enrolled on a programme and maintain a current list of Personal Tutors for all students registered on the programme.

2.3 No Results tutor will be allocated more than ten students to act as Personal Tutor for at any given time.

2.4 Results will send details of Personal Tutors to each student, prior to the start of the programme. Ref: Results Consortium Higher Education Policy and Procedure HEADM1.

2.5 Personal Tutors are expected to make contact with their students within one week of the programme start. Where there are difficulties experienced in this, the Personal Tutor should report to the Programme Leader.

2.6 Through their Results Induction Process, Personal Tutors are expected to be aware of how to contact Results student services and the academic requirements of the programme(s) they are teaching on.