Results Consortium Higher Education Attendance and Engagement Policy and Procedure

1.0 Policy

To deliver its strategic policy aims of excellence in: Learning, Teaching and Assessment and the Student Experience, Results has a policy of providing support to every student on the programme. The aim of this policy is to enable maximum student engagement, retention and achievement.

The use of an attendance and engagement policy is part of Results’ planned compliance with the UK Quality Code for Higher Education. In particular compliance with core practices Q4 and Q9.

The UK Quality Code sets out the following Expectations:

Q4: The provider has sufficient and appropriate facilities, learning resources and student support services to deliver a high-quality academic experience.
Q9: The provider supports all students to achieve successful academic and professional outcomes.

2.0 Procedure

2.1 Programme Leaders are responsible for implementation of the procedure for Monthly Progress Boards.

2.2 Following enrolment of a group of learners, Programme Leaders will draw up a schedule of Monthly Progress Boards for those learners. In order to maintain operational efficiency, this schedule may be incorporated into an existing schedule of monthly progress boards. The schedule will identify all students whose progress will be reviewed at the monthly progress board. The Programme Leader will notify academic staff including Personal Tutors

2.3 Lecturers and Personal Tutors will be required to contribute to Monthly Progress Boards, giving insight to issues with student progress where applicable.

2.4 Where appropriate, individual action plans will be drawn up for students identified as at risk of non-completion following the Monthly Progress Board. Presenting action plans to individual students will be the responsibility of the relevant Personal Tutor.

2.5 Monthly Progress Board schedules and copies of action plans will be maintained by Programme Leaders for a period of at least two years after the relevant student(s) has/have exited a programme.

2.6 The use of progress boards and action plans will be included in the closed sessions of Programme Committee Meetings (Ref: policy and procedure HEDQA2) and the Annual Review of Programme (Ref: policy and procedure: HEQA1). Presentation of information from Monthly Progress Boards at these meetings will be the responsibility of the Programme Leader.