For students studying on a Higher Education Programme at Results Consortium

Notes to students:

Prior to completing and returning this form, students should contact the Programme Leader for the programme in question as described in Results Policy and Procedure HEQA7. The advice that the Programme Leader gives is Stage 1 of the Academic Appeals process: Appeal Consideration.

Should a student wish to formally appeal against a decision made by an Academic Board they must complete this form and return it to the Programme Leader within ten working days of the publication of the relevant Academic Board decision.

Results Policy HEQA7: Student Academic Appeal applies to all academic appeals and students are advised to read this before making an appeal.

Should the appeal be based on Extenuating Circumstances, please complete an Extenuating Circumstances form to supplement this form.

Appeals made on grounds other than extenuating circumstances or procedural irregularities will be considered on their own merits, however students should be aware that appeals on other grounds may be automatically rejected. Please read Results Policy and Procedure HEQA7: Student Academic Appeal for more details.