Information Management and Data Protection Policy

we are fully committed to protecting personal data and how we implement that commitment with regards to the collection, storage, disposal and use of personal data.

Our Commitment to data protection act includes:

  1.  We ensure that data is collected fairly and lawfully.
  2.  We ensure data is collected for a specific purpose and will be used for that purpose only. If data is to use for any other
    purpose prior notification will be sought. Any such data or information which has been collected and could not be processed for the intended purpose will be destroyed accordingly.
  3.  Processing data only in order to meet our operational and statutory requirements.
  4.  We establish appropriate storage period as required by the partner institution which is usually 3 years but may vary. Any records, information and data which may have been collected and not used will be destroyed accordingly.
  5.  Our staffs are trained on how to use and handle information and how to process these data that has been collected.
  6.  We induct and train our staff on data protection and good practice.
  7.  We ensure all necessary data and information kept are accurate as far as possible.
  8.  We have adequate security measures to protect data and information and these range from secure lock cabinet, computers with access rights and any measures deemed necessary to protect the records as required.
  9.  Information can be passed on to the police and any government institution should the needs arise.
  10.  All records, data, information are disposed accordingly, therefore not kept for longer than necessary.

All information collected is for a purpose which include daily operations, to meet our standard and statutory requirements, and for performance evaluation.

We have periodic backup of necessary data and information. We have effective information management system in place which has been very crucial for the successful delivery and reporting of our recent contracts.

We have developed different spreadsheet and information system and we envisage to develop an information SQL database in the near future when the need arise. At the moment we are operating on small scales which do not need such extensive database management systems.