Become an instructor

Our team is expanding gradually, if you’re an individual who is passionate about teaching or training
about a given subject (SME), we have the concrete platform for you to showcase your skill. If you believe you can be part of our enthusiastic team feel free to get in touch with us by sending your CV and LinkedIn Profile to

Why Results?

Glad that you asked. We have been in the education & Training sector over almost 2 decades. As part of our digital strategy growth plan. We have decided to open the opportunity globally than just in the UK (our Home).

What benefit do I get?

As we are expanding our market globally, we will be connecting you across various world class trainers, industry experts who in return can exchange their ideas and feedbacks on the content and industrial changes effectively. You will also have higher visibility to larger audience for your content and will be a training fraternity.

We value your time and effort that you have given in developing the content and in teaching. We follow a simple revenue sharing model that will keep both our business and your engagement progressive.

What should I do now?

  • Passionate about teaching, coaching and sharing knowledge.
  • Subject matter expertise (Domain Expertise)
  • Commitment to develop and deliver best quality services to global audience.