Annual Review of Programme

1. Introduction

1.1 To deliver its strategic policy aims of excellence in: Curriculum Innovation;
Learning, Teaching and Assessment; and the Student Experience, Results Consortium Ltd. (thereafter ‘the College’) has a policy of annually reviewing the standards and quality of programmes with staff working on a programme, collaborative partners and student representatives from the programme. These are referred to as Annual Review of Programmes. These meetings supplement the regular Programme Committee Meetings.

1.2 Review of programmes is part of the College’s planned compliance with the UK Quality Code for Higher Education expectations. In particular when monitoring and reviewing programmes, as described in this procedure, compliance with core practices S1, S2, S4, Q2, Q3, Q4 and Q5.

The UK Quality Code sets out the following Expectations:

S1: The provider ensures that the threshold standards for its qualifications are consistent with the relevant national qualifications frameworks.

S2: The provider ensures that students who are awarded qualifications have the opportunity to achieve standards beyond the threshold level that are reasonably comparable with those achieved in other UK providers.

S4: The provider uses external expertise, assessment and classification processes that are reliable, fair and transparent.

Q2: The provider designs and/or delivers high-quality courses.

Q3: The provider has sufficient appropriately qualified and skilled staff to deliver a high-quality academic experience.

Q4: The provider has sufficient and appropriate facilities, learning resources and student support services to deliver a high-quality academic experience.

Q5: The provider actively engages students, individually and collectively, in
the quality of their educational experience.

2 Procedure

2.1 The Results Academic Board is responsible for implementation of this procedure.

2.2 The Higher Education Manager will responsible for the management of regular Programme Committee meetings, including: scheduling, agenda setting, minute keeping, action plan production and implementation.

2.3 The Higher Education Manager will be responsible for the collection of data and module feedback from suitable sources that include:

  • The Previous Year’s Annual Programme Action Plan (including the completed Pearson Annual Programme Monitoring Report for the year)
  • Issues raised at and feedback from Programme Committee meetings
  • Feedback from the Lead Internal Verifier on Good and Innovative Practice, Programme Highlights and scholarly activity
  • Feedback from academic staff on Good and Innovative Practice and Programme Highlights
  • Student Feedback
  • Feedback from the Results Academic Board
  • Student Engagement records
  • Other Data incl. Unit academic achievement, Assessment and Internal Verification, Recruitment, Retention and Progression etc.
  • External Examiner Reports (Supplied by the Awarding Body)
  • Staff development activities and records, including Peer Reviews
  • The Higher Education Manager at their discretion, may include other data that inform the programme quality improvement process.

2.3 The Principle will be responsible for the completion of an Annual Review Report and for the submission to the Awarding Body (according to the requirements) of an Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) form by the February following an academic year end in August.

2.4 The Higher Education Manager and the Lead Internal Verifier will be responsible for the implementation of planned actions identified through the Annual Review process.